Christians, stand united!

There are things going on within the Christian community that I just don’t understand. Christians are being persecuted all over the world. Why aren’t we all standing up against this? Why isn’t this on the news every single night?

I am defining the Christian community to include all people who believe that Jesus is the Christ, that he came to Earth, died on the cross and rose again three days later to pay for all our sins and give us eternal life. In Philippians 2:12, Paul writes, “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”


I don’t care if you call yourself Catholic, Protestant, Coptic, Mormon, Amish, or anything else. I don’t care if you say you are part of the Church of Jesus Christ Whom We Serve By Raising Cows. If you believe that Jesus is the Christ and are living to serve Him, we are brothers and sisters and should be united. We should all be standing together as a united front against Satan and not worrying about our differences.

And if one group is being persecuted for their belief that Jesus is The Christ, then we are all being persecuted. Right now, I, personally, am not being persecuted for my faith. However, if we stand by while others are, how long until that persecution reaches us? If I don’t stand up and say that this is wrong when it is happening elsewhere, who is going to stand with me?

We are The Church, and we should all be standing together.

Why are we letting the little differences separate us? If you believe that babies should be baptized at birth, and I believe that you shouldn’t be baptized until you are of an age where you can make that decision on your own, does that mean that Jesus loves one of us more? If you are a pacifist and I serve proudly in the military, do I not pray to the same God as you? Does it matter if I have a minister, preacher, bishop, priest, or what I call the person who gives the message on Sunday mornings? Does it matter if my church meets on Sunday mornings or Saturday nights or Tuesday afternoons? Does it matter if the person giving the message is wearing a robe or a collar or jeans and a t-shirt?

Instead of letting all of these things divide us, why don’t we all stand united in Christ? As people who believe that Jesus is The Christ, let’s unite and say that enough is enough. It’s not okay to murder people. It’s not okay to persecute people for their beliefs, no matter what those beliefs are. We don’t have to agree on all the little stuff, but can we stand together on the big stuff?

Let’s start talking about what’s happening to Christians around the world. Let’s tell the media to start reporting on it. And let’s tell our elected officials to stop sending money to the people persecuting Christians. Let’s stand together.

I am Coptic. I am Catholic. I am Mormon. I am Protestant. I am Amish. I am Christian. I believe that Jesus is the Christ. I believe that He came to Earth. I believe that He died on the cross for all the world. I believe that He rose from the grave three days later to save us all and give us eternal life.

I believe and I’m not afraid to say it.  



For a story on where persecution is happening now (and where the US is sending money) go here:

For a story on a Nigerian Christian church being attacked, go here:

One response to “Christians, stand united!

  1. I absolutely agree that our little disagreements should never be more important than the fact that we are all under the grace and blood of Jesus Christ, which makes us all one family. We are the body of Christ. We must build each other up, for if one member suffers the whole body suffers.
    But remember that Jesus told us that a servant cannot be greater than his master. They persecuted him, so they will persecute us also. And in Romans 8:17-19 it says that if we share in Christ’s suffering we will also share in his glory, and that our present suffering is not worth comparing to the coming glory.
    In suffering, Christians can learn to be more like Christ, which will do well for us in the Kingdom of God. Perhaps we should join together as the body of Christ and pray that those who are being persecuted will receive that same strength and peace that Jesus had in the face of persecution.
    It’s good that you want to see justice. It’s good that you want to see your brothers and sisters lifted up.
    God bless you.

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