I Pray

It has been an exciting week around here for our crazy little family. Doors have been opened, new possibilities are happening, and prayers are being answered. It’s been amazing to be a part of and to watch it all unfold.

And it got me thinking about prayer and the way we pray.

Prayer is an amazing thing. A way to talk directly with God. And He always answers. Sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes it’s no. He answers with wait. Or trust. Or peace. 

Sometime God answers with silence or opportunities.

The more that I’ve prayed, and the older I’ve gotten, the more my prayers have changed. When I was younger, I prayed for things, for actual items, for stuff. “Dear God, Please let me get a bike for my birthday. In Jesus’s name, Amen.”

These days my prayers are much different. I still pray for specific things but it’s more people than items. And because I know that sometimes God answers prayer with opportunity, I’m thoughtful in how I pray. I know that if I pray for courage there’s a good chance God is going to give me opportunities to be courageous. Sometimes instead of what we normally think of as prayer, I just cry out, “Oh, Lord.” More and more I just pray for help.

I pray for my military brother that God would keep him safe at home and abroad.

I pray for the health of my parents, my husband’s parents, and our grandparents who are all in fairly good health and none of which am I ready to lose.

I pray for safe travel for any of us when we are traveling.

I pray that my husband and I make the right decisions for our boys so they grow strong in God.

I pray for the girls that my boys will someday marry.

I pray for my country, which I don’t recognize some days.

I pray for the President, for his safety and that he would make good decisions for our country.

I pray for vague concepts for people because I may not know what you need me to pray for but God knows.

I pray for Justina, a 15 year old girl I’ll never meet.

I pray for people I haven’t spoken to in years.

I pray for friends and family and strangers.

I pray that if something is right it will happen, and if it’s not, it won’t.

I pray for His will over my own.

And I know that God answers all of these prayers. And some of the answers, I won’t understand this side of Heaven. But I do know that He always answers. I may not like or understand the answers, but He always answers.

I pray.

3 responses to “I Pray

  1. I pray for these things too…I also specifically pray for pregnant women that I know, even if I really only just used to know them. I pray for their babies, deliveries, and changing families. I can’t find out a woman is pregnant and not begin praying for her immediately.

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