Blessings on my Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a great day, spending the morning with my crazy little boys and grandparents working in a garden and the evening with my husband and boys. I reached the age several years ago, maybe after my 21st, where birthdays just aren’t that big of deal. I mean, everybody has one. 🙂

So this year for my birthday, I decided it would be a good time to focus on all of the blessings I have in my life.

I have been blessed with two amazing parents. They raised my brothers and I in a home full of love, and I have never doubted their love for us or each other. They are more in love today, after 35 years of marriage, than the day they got married. They have shown me what a  marriage should look like and I pray my marriage can be as good as theirs. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such amazing parents.

I have been blessed with two amazing brothers who have blessed me with two sisters-in-law and two nieces. I am so proud of the men my brothers have become and what they have done. I am so thankful for the women they have married who I am proud to call not only sisters but friends. I have two nieces whom I absolutely adore. They are amazing little girls that I am so thankful for. Thank you, God, for my amazing brothers and their families.

I have been blessed with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Even if we don’t see each other as often as we would like, I know I could call on any of them at any time. I know they think of and pray for my family as I do them. I know they share my joys and my pains, as  I share theirs. Thank you, God, for my amazing family.

I have been blessed with an amazing man to be my husband. Through good times and bad, I know that he will stick with me and by me. He supports me with all my crazy ideas (like starting a blog). He is the leader of our family. He gave me another brother, sister-in-law, 3 nephews, parents and even more extended family whom I could not imagine my life without. He works so hard so I can stay home with our 2crazylittleboys. He keeps us safe and makes us laugh. He brings such joy to my life. I love him more today than I could have imagined when we got married 10 years ago. Thank you, God, for blessing me with an amazing husband and the family that came with him.

I have been blessed with 2crazylittleboys. They are wild and crazy, oh so sweet, smart and funny. They bring me such joy each and every day. Even when they make me crazy or call me by my first name, they bring me great joy and love. I can see echos of my family and their dad’s family in their faces and actions, and sometimes they even get called by an uncle’s name. They keep me grounded and make me soar. They keep me serious and silly. Their dance parties are epic. Thank you, God, for giving me these two amazingly crazy little boys.

I have been blessed with all of this and so much more. I have some amazing friends that are more like family. I have those of you who take a moment of your time to read my words. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, my health, and more. Raging storms came through my area last night and all of my family is safe. I have so much, my cup runneth over. Thank you, God, for all the blessings in my life.

And most importantly, thank you, God, for Jesus. Thank you for loving the world so much that You sent us Your Son. I would have nothing if I didn’t have Jesus. Without Him, none of the other blessings of my life would matter.

This birthday I’m counting my blessings, and I can’t count that high.

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