A Grouchy Day

It’s been a grouchy kind of day around here. We all have them, and I had one today. The little things, including a four-year-old who claims to be hungry every time he finishes whatever I just made him to eat, have aggravated me.

I could come up with a bunch of reasons for my grouchiness, but the truth is that I got plenty of sleep last night and things are pretty great around here. There is no reasonable excuse for my mood. It’s just the way I’ve felt today.

What? The moment I sit down you need me to get up for something? Really?! You climb up on my lap and manage to pin my right foot down which is still tender from being broken? Are you kidding me?! You spilled your drink again?!

It’s been a hundred little things that any other day would not have bothered me, but today they all grate on my last nerve. You just finished the breakfast that I cooked. What else could you possible want to eat? More choices?! I just told you everything we have in the house! Can I please just finish my cup of coffee before I do anything else?

This afternoon we were going to run out for a bit, a little for a change of scenery and a little in hopes it would help Mom’s mood. Cameron asked if he could wear his Chase costume (the police dog he got for Halloween). Sure, I don’t care. He put it on and sat back down to play with his brother. I look up and he’s in his underpants again. Three times I asked him to get dressed and three times he put the costume on and then took it off. (He ended up not wearing it but regular clothes.)

Seriously!? It was like icing on my grouchy day cake. I need a break. I need a moment of quiet, some time to refocus myself.

And then I thought about how silly it all was. Chances are very high that someday sooner than I can believe, these little boys aren’t going to want to climb on my lap. So what if my foot hurt? Move it and snuggle up while they want to. A day is going to come when they aren’t here to fix breakfast for, and although I will love the time when it’s just me and their dad again, I will miss those mornings. They are only little like this for a short time.

And then I thought about God, our Father in Heaven. What must it be like for Him to look down on us? How many times does He have to tell us not to do something? How many times does He need to remind us?

How grateful are we that God doesn’t have grouchy days?

Can you imagine what life would be like on grouchy days if God had them? How many times does He tell us what way to go or to not do something? And how many times do we go ahead and do it?

As frustrating as it was today for me to say three times to get dressed, how frustrating could it be for God? Can you imagine if, instead of forgetting every mistake we make, He was thinking, “How many times do I have to tell you this?!” What if He just threw His hands up in the air and was done?

Maybe for this November day, we should all take a moment and be thankful that God doesn’t have the grouchy days I know we all have.

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