Hope For the Holidays

December 2011 I was a part of something amazing. A blogger I love, Martini’s or Diaper Genies? (MODG), had gotten some ugly comments on her blog about how rich she must be. She responded with a very sarcastic post about how amazing she was and then asked for everyone to give their financial stats in the comments. The regular comments came, like, “I must be rich too since I eat ham.” But then a very different comment showed up.

A woman named Catherine commented and gave her actual financial situation. She and her husband were losing their jobs. They didn’t know how they were going to pay the bills let alone have anything under their tree for their young child to open Christmas morning.

And just like that hearts were softened and lives were changed.

MODG and her family helped Catherine, even though she wasn’t actually asking for help. It felt good. It felt right. So MODG came back to her blog and shared it with her readers and a movement happened. She called it WANA (We Are Not Assholes). She asked her readers to be honest and open. If you had a need, share it and let us help you. If you could help someone, comment on their need.

It was amazing. It exploded. So many people needed help and wanted to help that I can’t even share that blog post with you because it crashed the system and is lost forever.

People shared their stories. They shared their illnesses and job losses. They shared their fears of not knowing how they were going to feed their families or even put gas in their cars to get to their jobs that barely paid the bills. They shared their heartbreak that Christmas morning at their house Santa Claus wouldn’t be coming. They shared how their kids were old enough to understand how hard times were or young enough not to know there weren’t any presents where there should have been.

But if you are a mom or dad, you know that it doesn’t matter if your kids won’t know or will understand. You will know. And your heart will break. You will feel like you failed at something big.

Of course, Christmas is about so much more than presents under the tree. But that empty tree, or empty spot in the corner where the tree should have been but you couldn’t even afford one is just a glaring reminder that you failed your family.

It was a truly magically thing to be a part of, and I will never forget that Christmas.

WANA continued for the next two years. You can read MODG’s post for 2012 here.

In February 2014, MODG came to her readers again and told us she had to step back. As a mom, she just couldn’t blog anymore. It was too much. And as a mom, I completely understand where she was coming from. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be criticized for every choice you make for your kids by strangers.

Last week, MODG posted on her Facebook page that she still was unable to get back to the blog but wanted to have a place for WANA to continue. She made a post for it on Facebook. I clicked the button to get notifications whenever anyone posted on it.

And then I waited to see what would happen.

Later that afternoon someone finally posted on it. They had a need but would prefer private messages. And that’s when I realized this wasn’t going to work. When you post on ANYTHING on Facebook it shows up on the timeline of ALL your friends. It is hard enough to ask for help from strangers. How much harder when all your friends and family are going to see you asking for help?

I felt moved. I have this little place on the Internet that I can do whatever I want with. I felt called. I sent MODG an email sharing my thoughts with her and asking if I could run WANA through my blog. It felt so right.

And then I waited.

It’s been a week since she put the post on Facebook and I haven’t heard back from her. The last time I looked there were 15 comments on her post and no signs that anyone was helping fill those needs.

I completely understand that. Someone says they need help but can’t share that need in a public forum with all their personal information attached to it. And if you don’t know what the need is, how do you know if you can help? Do you send them a message and have them tell you their story? What if you can’t help then? “Sorry you just spilled your guts to me, but that’s not a need I can fill.” And then everyone feels bad?

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I have a deep faith. If you’ve been reading recently, you know I’ve been doing things recently that I feel God has called me to do even (or especially) that I don’t understand. This is one of those times. Maybe I can’t help everyone that has a need, but I can share my little piece of the Internet to connect people.

Because I never heard back from MODG, I don’t feel like I can use the term WANA. I’m calling this Hope For the Holidays. Because that’s what we are going to do here.

We all need hope, and when times are tough it’s really hard to find hope.

If times are tough for you and your family, I’m asking that you share your story with us here. Let us give you hope that things will get better and that people do care about you.

If times are good for you and your family, I’m asking that you help give hope to those who need it.

Giving always makes you feel good. And this time of year, more people are in the giving spirit. And there are great charities to give to. (We personally love Salvation Army and will be taking the boys to ring bells for them this year.)

As great as giving to a charity to help random people is, giving to a specific person to fill a specific need is amazing.

This is all going on faith. I have faith that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I have faith that people needing help will find this post. I have faith that people able to give help with find this post and be called to help where they can.

Some tips on making this work:

-When you post a comment, you do not have to use your full name (or even your real name) if you are wanting to remain anonymous.

-If you leave an email address so people can contact you, please leave it as name AT place DOT com so spammers are less likely to find you

-Please leave a real email address in the box for it when you comment. I am the only one who can see it and that way I will be able to contact you if I need to

-And I especially need you guys to share this post on social media. The only way for this to be successful is for people to know about it

Choose hope this holiday season. Let’s share Hope For the Holidays (no matter which ones you celebrate).

I choose hope.


It has been pointed out to me that my instructions may not be clear enough if you weren’t a part of the original movement. So I would like to clarify.

If you have a need:

Please share your story. Share as much as you feel comfortable with. This is important. People want to connect with you. Your story will touch hearts. Give us specific needs we can help with. It is also helpful if you leave your email address in your comment so people have a way to reach you.

If you can fill a need:

Please reply to the comment of the person you are wanting to help so we will know if the need has been met. It is then up to you and the person you are helping to connect so you can help them. If I need to be a go between, I can be, but it will be much simpler if you connect with each other.

When you leave a comment, the is a box to check if you want to get an email when there are new comments. I would suggest clicking this box so you will know when someone replies to you.

The best part of Hope For the Holidays and the only way it works is for us to connect with each other. Real people helping real people.

Thank you to everyone working to make this a hope filled holiday season.

136 responses to “Hope For the Holidays

  1. Thank you so much for setting this up!! I am in need. I recently took in my sisters 3 kids on top of my own 2. In doing that I had to quit my job. My husband works but that just gets us by. I would like to make all 5 kids Christmas magical but it’s not looking that way. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas!!

  2. We are a family of 7 in need. Ages of kids are 10 (boy), 9 (boy), 8 (girl), 5 (girl), 3 (boy). Our 8 year old daughter has a chronic medical condition. In the last year she has been in the hospital 27 times. The last 5 have finally helped provide relief to her condition. Unfortunately it’s drained everything we have. Were making it by the skin of our teeth. There is no wiggle room for anything. If anyone can help we would truly appreciate it! Thank you and God Bless!

      • A wonderful woman has offered to send help our way! Thank you. I don’t think I can thank her enough especially now that our daughter is back in the PICU with a brain infection. This was so amazing of you to do. Thank you.

      • Thanks again for setting this up. She’s looking at a few weeks in the hospital. She could use a lot of prayers. Her infection is severe and she went to surgery today to remove as much of the infection as they could but it’s in her spinal fluid and she’s very unstable.

  3. Thanks so much for this!! my husband and I have 4 children of our own and I also care now for my brothers 2.5 year old my brother was killed in an accident last year he was 28, it has been very rough on us since my husband does work but with the stress he ended up in the hospital missed work didnt get paid and we tried to get assistance on bills and were declined because he has a job to go back to so they wouldnt help, we arent fancy and appreciate any and everything we have my kids dont ask for much girls are 9 7 and 6 boys are 4 and 2.5 we recently had our car reposessed tried to stay afloat and it just didnt pan out, my kids are asking for a tree last year we didnt put one up and this year i want to but we dont have one and cant buy one right now so basically any help at all is much appreciated big or small we appreciate anyone who can help thanks so much for reading and Merry Christmas!

      • a friend today let us borrow her pencil tree since she put up a real one this year. At this point we really just need help mostly with food we have Walmart Kmart target giant eagle save a lot and dollar general and clothes for the kids I’m not even concerned with them having toys I am but it’s. Not a priority sizes for the girls are 16/18 12/14 and 10/12 shoes are women’s sze 8 for my 2 oldest and a girls size 1 for my youngest and my boys wear 3/4t clothing. Any little bit is much appreciated we are happy with anything

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  5. Thank you for setting this up and directing me to it. Iam in need this year as I have taken in my sisters children and were on a very tight budget and will not be able to afford anything as our bills and food come first were struggling to do this. My husband works, I got laid off and am now caring for my sisters children who are 2, 4 and 6 so I stay home and care for them. all this within the last month. I have no other family to turn to for help. any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

  6. im sure others have it worse, but this year has been tough. The financial problems we’ve been having has also put a strain on our marriage and now we may even get a divorce. This might be our last Christmas as a family and I just want to make it magical for my kids. We have 4 kids. 3 boys and 1 girl. The boys ages are 3-7 and the girl is 1. They’d be great fil for anything! Thanks for doing this and thank you for reading!

  7. RACHEL – maybe a sample post so people have a model to follow? Four comments so far and no way to contact any of them!! The ones that were always the most ‘successful’ on MODGBLOG had all pertinent information and a concise personal story.



    NEED… mother/aunt/whatever of X kids… boy (5), girl (3), girl (2). Lost my job this year and can’t find full-time work. Kids *need* warm coats for winter (size X for the boy and size X and X for the girls). Boy would love XYZ from Santa. Girls would love ABC and DEF. We could use a gift card from Grocery Store A or from General Store B to buy some basic needs.

    I can be reached at name AT emailaddress DOT com


    People who CAN HELP should (please) acknowledge through the comments here that they are helping someone by replying to that person. That way the rest of us know an email is being sent.

    People who NEED HELP should (please) NOT post multiple times. Number one, it’s not fair to others in need and number two, it really REALLY puts a bad taste in the mouth of people willing to give. When someone realizes the person they reach out to has been helped by others on another comment, it makes that helper not want to help anyone.

    Thanks for doing this – I’ll be looking for needs I can help with!

  8. Im a single mom and could use a little help getting my son and daughter clothes for Christmas. My son is 18 and wears size 30/30 pants and small shirts. He likes jeans and Vnecks. My daughter is 15 and wears size 1 pants and small shirts. She likes jeans or legging with patterns and dressy shirts and cardigans.

  9. We are a family of 4 hoping for a little help this year. We have 2 children (boy 17. And girl, 12). My husband and I both had medical issues this year involving surgeries that put us both out of work for awhile. Ever since July, we haven’t been ble to get back on our feet. Medical bills piling up, all our bills past due and things getting shut off. Our children don’t deserve to not have a Xmas. I’ve thought of everything I could do to try and get them a few things but I just don’t see that happening. Neither child is asking for toys, their past that I guess. My daughter wants a hair straightener, bobby pins, makeup, things like that. Our son is just asking for gift cards to finally get some new clothes. I feel so ashamed that we can’t even provide the little things they ask for this year. It breaks my heart. If someone is able to help we would greatly appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

  10. I choose hope today. And I need hope today. Am a committed Christian–the Lord is my Life and Sustainer of my heart. Raised in a pagan home with Italian immigrants in NYC, I turned to the Lord in prayer at age six when my teenage sisters were married and I was left to care for my older parents who had mental health disorders.
    I loved my parents deeply; they were kind, generous, and my father was so hard working. His work ethic spoke loudly to me. He supported his handicapped mother and helped everyone in his family financially. He truly was a fine son, brother and husband and loved his children; though he turned to alcohol to cope with a mental illness in those early years when we knew nothing of how to manage our family’s diseases. I became the only person in my family to know Christ, and grew up attending church alone throughout my youth. The Church became a peaceful place of worship, learning, structure, discipline and obedience. After graduating Business School I moved to Texas to be closer to my eldest sister and family, and there in my work-place was introduced to a young woman whose eyes illuminated the love of God! She was the first genuine Christian who exhibited great joy and loving kindness I had never seen and I desired what she had! A few years into my marriage, I started attending a Bible Church in a Dallas suburb near my home and joined women’s home Bible study which began transforming my life into godliness and tremendous personal spiritual and emotional growth. I was being taught by Bible scholars and discipled by educated Christians from Dallas Seminary – learning Scripture, all the Doctrines of the Word and how to study Scritire on my own. My husband became a deep learner of the Word as he witnessed my life changing. My elder sisters and my parents became Christians through their children’s testimony and the Church helping serve them at the end of their lives. My greatest achievement are my two grown children as a result of God’s leading and discipling. Over the years have been involved in helping to build a Bible Church in Tyler, a Christian School in a neighboring city, and in developing the vision of home ministries. Am now a single senior living in senior apartment unit in social security disability — struggling with auto-immune dysfunction in six areas of disease, fibromyalgia, on oxygen 12 hours a day and barely getting by month to month due to payment for medications and supplements; must be on a strict diabetic diet. Cannot afford food this month; my two children help me monthly as much as possible with groceries but I still have grocery needs. My car is undrivable since returning home from Thanksgiving last week. BUT I choose hope, faith and life. If any brother or sister in the Lord could meet my financial need, it would mean so very much. So grateful for this program of ministry!
    Merry Christmas to all. πŸŽ†

  11. In need have 3 children under 7 mama with multiple disabilities and chronic diseases. I have a 7 year old boy whom is in need of size 8 jeans and shirts, underwear, he loves power rangers, bakugan,Pokemon, superhero stuff. My soon to be 6 year old daughter is having a birthday Friday, she loves frozen, disney princess, barbie dolls, legos. She needs jeans size 7 girls,shirts size 7 My 2 year old loves elmo, pooh, frozen, mega blocks, pants and shirts in a 2-3t. I would love to have a gift card to purchase gas and food so that we can have a good Christmas meal.

  12. I posted my need up one comment ( Angie) but forgot to leave my email address. It is songjia123 AT yahoo Dot com. Thank you.

    • ***Still in need*** we are a family of 4 with two children ages 17 (boy), 12 (girl). I posted our need up a comment but still have gotten no response. I know it’s hard to help with teenagers so gift cards would go a long way. Especially help with grocerys would be amazing. We’ve been to food shelf already this month and it wasn’t much. We have Walmart and target in our area if anyone can help out. My email is songjia123 AT yahoo DOT com. God bless

  13. i have a lot of girls clothes to give to someone in need. there are about 30 peices and mostly size sm/6x. they are mostly summer clothes because we lived in florida for a while but there are some pants and long sleeve shirts. i will ship them anywhere so please leave a comment if you would like them or you can email me at cassidyDOTmareeATgmailDOTcom

  14. We are a family of 7, 5 children. Female 9 yo with PTSD (due to horrific events this past year) 8 yo girl with Autism, A1AT, COPD, and Immunity disorder, 7 yo son with Autism, 2 year old girl, and a 6 month old son. We just handed over our life savings to replace head gaskets and a transmission on our only vehicle. We drive over 100 miles one way to some of their doctors apps due to living in a small town. We are in dire need for food due to this.

    Email: danyellsaffles at me dot com

  15. WANA was ruined for me last year (after three consecutive years of donating to multiple families) when I was scammed by a woman claiming to be in need. I haven’t decided yet if I can take a leap of faith this year and try reaching out again. I desperately want to.

    *This is not meant to throw shade at anyone posting here right now.*

    This is my suggestion (and it was MODG’s last year) for everyone who has participated and helped before, and those of you new to this concept…. if you are unsure about helping someone or feel uneasy about something, you can open one of the old WANA posts and do CTRL+F and search for a keyword or part of an email address to see if someone has posted in past years:



    As MODG and her helpers tried to monitor the comments last year, they were able to find several “scammy” posts and remove them. I’m obviously not expecting Rachel to do all of that here, but if I had thought to check before mailing out gift cards, I could’ve sent my $700 to people who really needed it last year.

    I WANT to help people. I WANT to give to those in need and make someone’s Christmas a little brighter. I don’t want to be cynical. Or suspicious. I hate that. But I don’t want anyone taken advantage of either.

    • I do want you to know that i have access to ip addresses and i have been checking to see if there are repeats.
      I hope you will participate. All of us here are just going on faith that people are being honest.

    • I got help last year and oh my they were wonderful! I am so sorry someone did that to you….that is as low as low can get…

    • Oh and I also found adding the person(s) on FB to be helpful too! I got to show off my kids faces for her to see what they got!

    • I got help through WANA in 2013 too. A wonderful woman helped me get my girls some snow boots. Its so sad someone would take advantage of you like that, brings tears to my eyes!

      • I also got help through wana last year and am so thankful for it, being one income family ALL of our money goes to mortgage and the rest goes to treating my chronic diseases we dont qualify for foodstamps or any sort of welfare because he makes too much but our mortgage is 2000 a month. Boo we cannot move we are underwater on our mortgage without the help and generosity of others like that program my 3 littles wouldn’t have had anything under the tree. So I am thankful 2crazylittleboys has saw it in her heart to lend us her blog and I hope to pay all the goodness forward someday and have through out the year with other things.

    • I have been helped here before but I also had someone say they’d help me and never follow through. I understand being hesitant, but there are some who genuinely need the no judging. It’s hard asking for help. Just because you look happy on facebook or like you’re ok, doesn’t mean you are. A lot of people don’t want to blast their financial problems either. It’s also hard when someone says they’ll cover something and never do it.

      • It is working, just slowly. I know a couple of people have gotten responses and at least one person replied to someone through email and didnt leave a comment here.
        I also have spoken to people who are planning to help but arent sure who or how yet.
        One of the issues is that i dont have the readers here that MODG had when she was doing this. I was hoping that the people involved in years past would find us but its hard. I am sure this is going to work. Its just going to work slower than in years past.

  16. *IN NEED* Hi everyone! I’m in need of any kind of help with Christmas. I have 2 daughters, 11 & 12, and we are having a very rough time financially. I’m looking for work but not having luck. We’re blessed to have an income based apartment to live in, but I can barely keep food on the table. If anyone can help us, (warm coats, clothes, boots, food, grateful for anything!) please e mail me. I don’t have internet, so I will go to the library or find a way every day to check my e mails! My e mail is emociional at hotmail dot com. Thanks again for setting this up, you’re touching so many hearts!

    • *Update* Hi everyone again! I’m sorry for posting again, but I need to update my needs! Today while visiting my sister, a friend of hers gave both of my girls coats and boots that her daughter doesn’t fit anymore, so thanks to God and her, we no longer need coats and boots! Our biggest need is clothes and if any way possible, food. Our food pantries are down to nothing so without help, we will literally have nothing. ( in case, we have a Save a lot, Walmart, and a Kroger close to us) With the clothes, we do not mind used, warm is warm! They’re 11 & 12 but they’re both short and chunky (170 & 176 lbs) so I usually get them women’s clothes (1x or 2x) in shirts and pants. If anyone can help us, it will literally save our Holiday. We will be forever grateful and the favor will be returned! Thank you all for reading and Bless You.

      • Hi everyone, again. A lovely lady off here is sending us some clothes, but we’re still in dire need for food. If anyone can help us a little it’ll be greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much!

      • Someone is gonna bless us! Thank you all so much, and Ms. Rachel for this help! Bless you all and Merry Christmas!

  17. need: my family could use help this year. I have been unable to work due to pregnancy complications since June. So we’ve been on a tight budget. Our daughter was born in November so I’m looking forward to going back to work in January hopefully if I can find a job. I have two boys besides my daughter and would love for them to have a good Christmas. Unfortunately we struggle to even put food on the table and gas in the car right now. My boys would be greatful for anything my daughter doesn’t need anything since she is barely a month old. Any help would be appreciated thanks so much for reading. Sorry if this is jumbled. You can email me at danajohnson1130 at iCloud dot com

    • I guess I should’ve added the ages for my boys. One is 3 the other is 7.. The y don’t need toys really, they have plenty.. But they would even love a christmas card in the mail if anyone could do that. I hate asking for grocery help, but it would be greatly appreciated and relieve a lot of stress.

      Thank you to the owner of this blog for hosting this year since MODG can not.

      To those that have helped others in the past and been burned I am sorry. I hope you can eventually open your heart to helping again. I know my family especially has benefited from WANA, it is a great blessing when times are tough, one of these years I will be able to provide for my kids and pay my mortgage with no issues. As soon as I am in a better place I will most definitely be paying it forward to help others.

  18. *NEED*
    Thank you so much for doing this!! We have an unexpected pregnancy after two boys that are 4 and 6. We have gotten rid of all our “baby” items. Im currently 18 weeks pregnant and could really use some nursing tanks/bras and any “first” baby items if anyone has any gently used. My boys are taken care of this year thanks for the grandparents. If anyone could help out I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks so much and God bless.
    boymom87 at gmail dot com

  19. I hope I’m not too late and there are still people out there willing to help. This year things are really hard for my family. I had been looking for a job for over a year and I finally got one. After being a stay at home mom for over 4 years there weren’t many places interested in hiring someone with “inadequate work history”. I was so happy to finally be able to help out financially and praying that we could get back on our feet. My husband works 40 hours a week but after all the bills there isn’t much left for anything else. It got to the point where we couldn’t afford groceries so I applied for a credit card and that’s how we bought our family food. However that debt racked up fast so when I got the job I thought it was great as we could afford not to do that anymore. Unfortunately after working for 2 months my daughter got really sick and I had to take some time off. They let me go, saying it wasn’t going to work out. So now we are in the same boat…me looking for a job and racking up credit cards for groceries and basic necessities. Now Christmas is right around the corner and Santa won’t be able to stop at our house this year. I have a 5 year old daughter and a 3 year old son who are so excited for the holiday…how am I supposed to explain that Santa had to skip over our house this year? It breaks my heart. If there is anyone who is able to help please email me amd9152 AT Gmail DOT com. Thank you so much for reading and God bless.

    • what do your kids need/want/or like? i have an 8 year old who usually gives some of her toys away for christmas and this year she was talking about barbies. would that be good for your daughter?

      • My daughter likes frozen and my son likes ninja turtles. She doesn’t really play with barbies yet. She has a few but she isn’t interested. She likes doing crafty stuff more than anything.

  20. Need. I have custody of my two grandsons and was made to leave my home for Domestic Violence because of their mother my oldest daughter. It is sad to have to come to this. I am starting out new in Ohio and have nothing. My grandson are 5 years of age and the other is 1 years of age. We are still staying in temporary housing until an apartment comes threw. I have been able to obtain their winter clothes for them however for Christmas they will not have any toys because we had to leave all of them.

  21. My husband and I have six children and one due in June. He lost his job a while back and now it seems it is one thing after another. We are on a fixed income and almost all goes to bills. I am in need of a Christmas tree. Also would need help getting presents for them. boy 8, girl 7, boy 6, boy 3, boy 1 1/2, boy 9 months

  22. Hello, my name is Brian and I am 16yrs old. I also have a 13 yr old sister. My sister came across this blog somehow and we thought we might reach out for some help. We are not asking for anything for ourselves. We are asking for help for our parents. They have had many financial, medical and family issues this year and it hasn’t been easy. I can explain more if you’d like in an email. Our parents work very hard and try to give us everything they can. This year has just been a lot harder than usual and we understand. We would like some help with getting a gift card for our parents. The only stores we have around us is Walmart or Cub Foods. A walmart gift card would work out great because we could purchase a gift card to a nice restaurant for them and maybe some grocerys. They really are deserving of a night out to a nice place. My sister and I understand that we won’t receive anything this xmas but we are totally ok with that. We are just very happy to have our family together and we are not IN NEED of anything that really matters more than family. If anyone could find it in their heart to help us out that would be amazing. My email is t.brian99 AT yahoo DOTcom

  23. One of my coworkers just told me about what you’re doing- thank you!

    I’m the 39 year old single mom of a 14 year old daughter. I’ve lost two weeks of work due to a nasty eye infection called periorbital cellulitis and a corneal abrasion and I’ve been in an out of the emergency room and I’ve spent our grocery budget on prescriptions to keep the pain and inflammation at bay. I’ve had five ER trips and five antibiotic IV drips and I keep refusing inpatient care because my daughter needs me. The Doctor says he understands. It’s starting hopefully to get a little better with multiple antibiotic pills every day.

    We already didn’t have much but this cuts into all of our Christmas- and my daughter is old enough to understand that we have less this year- but the hospital bills will be here and the time lost from my job is going to hurt once Christmas and the end of this month creep up on us. No going to work= no paycheck. My job isn’t in jeopardy, but our holiday and our pantry are.

    I appreciate this being read. And I will keep an eye out to see if there is anyone that I can help in any way.

    If you need a Christmas card because whatever reason. Please reach out. I’m happy to send you one.

    Much love and many blessings,
    Sara sarasmunder at gmail dot com

  24. So glad for this site. Hope there is some help left. My husband and I have 5 kids and we have been doing everything we can to stay afloat and provide Christmas for our children but it’s not looking good. I’m a full time student and my husband doesn’t get many hours at his job. Luckily we have our bill front taken care of which I great buy because we’ve had to have our car fix we got set back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have a girl 6 girl 10 boy 11 boy 7 boy 4. My email is raeejae at yahoo dot com thank you all so much for reading thank you for this site and thank you in advance for any help anyone might have left. I hate that’s it’s so close to Christmas to have to ask for help but we were trying to not have to ask. Thanks again

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  29. Will you be doing this again this year? I sent you a message not sure you got it. Since the are. It doing wana this year I’m hoping you will be doing hope for holidays. Could definitely use the help. Please let me know thanks

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  31. I have a need. I am homeless now living out of a hotel with my 19 year old son who helps out the best he can and my 7 year old grandson and my 3 year old grandson. I have been to every agency to get help and after they calculate my past jobs they say I have made to much in past but I am not making anything now. So I get denied. The only thing we have is the daily fifty dollars that my son brings in and that goes to the weekly hotel rent. We owe weekly rent tomorrow and do not have it so we are going to do daily until we can do weekly again. My grandsons need shoes and clothes. But most importantly we have no food. I have cried and cried and I do not know what to do. This is the lowest I have ever been and it has been really hard. Back in June of this year I was hospitalized twice and one of those times was in for three weeks. Then coming out my job fires me and of course was a new job so not there long enough to pull anything from it. I have hospital papers and all and they still let me go. Then trying to bounce back from that my oldest grandson has just been released from Children’s Hospital here from a four week stay. This was really bad, so far the bills are coming in and it is past 50,000. But, Thanks to Jesus he heard our prayers and healed the both of us and now we are just trying to get by this winter in a hotel. I have no family or friends, lost family when I had mixed children have not heard from them since and friends when I decided years ago to go back to school and college. I keep telling myself that I am doing the right thing but feel like I am being punished for doing so. I am so lost right now. All I do is cry…. All I can do is pray and pray and pray Jesus hears our prayers.

      • Thank you so much for this. Not even before I thought to open this I received a call saying one of my daughters have passed. Please say a prayer for us.

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