I didn’t want to talk about this

I didn’t want to talk about this. I think I’m like most people. We don’t like to talk about abortion. It makes people uncomfortable.

Abortion is heartbreaking. I know people who have had an abortion. It changed them. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t wish they could do things differently. Maybe that’s not the cases for everyone. Maybe there are people who feel great about the choice they made. I don’t understand it. But maybe those people are out there.

I didn’t want to talk about this. However, with all the Planned Parenthood videos that have come out and then the first political debate, I feel the need to share my feelings. I thought about linking to the PP videos, but I just couldn’t. I can’t watch them. Although, if you are pro-choice, I do believe you should watch them. You should know what you are standing for. I’m standing firmly against and watching them would scar me.

And this post isn’t even about those videos.

This is about the question from last nights GOP debate that has so many people upset. Megyn Kelly asked Scott Walker if he would really let a woman die than have an abortion.

I’ve heard a lot of men talk about this question, but I’ve never heard an answer from a woman, from a mother. I’ve heard a lot of men say they would pick their wife in this situation every time.

The question bothered me, too. But not that it was asked. And not even his answer.

As a mother let me answer this question. Every time, every day of the week, if the choice was between me and my baby, I pick the baby every single time. Yes, I know I have young children that need a mother. Yes, I know how hard it would be for my husband. Yes, I know. Yes, it would be a tearful, heartbreaking decision, but it would also be an easy one.

No, I don’t ever want to leave my little boys without a mother. However, I know that God gives every life FOR A REASON, and if God would give me a baby, I know that the baby would be for a reason, that baby would have a purpose. I pick the baby over myself every time.

I don’t know a mother that would pick herself over her child. Born or unborn, the child comes first to the mother.

I find this heartbreaking. I can remember being 4, 5, 6 months pregnant with my boys. I can remember how much I loved them then and how hard we worked to get them, all we had to go through to get them. And I can sit here and cry thinking about what I would have done if the doctors would have said it was me or them.

I had high risk pregnancies. It’s actually possible that this could have happened to me. I was closely monitored because it could have been me or them. And for the record, I would pick them every time.

I believe every life is from God, and every life has a purpose. If it came down to me or the baby I was carrying, I would (do) believe I had served my purpose and that child is going to do great things for the Kingdom of Heaven.

If I am willing to die to keep my already born children alive, how could I do anything short of sacrificing myself for the one I’m carrying inside?

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