When God Speaks to Us

I believe that God speaks to us all, all the time. It’s just a matter of if we are listening to Him or not. And when we listen to Him amazing things happen.  We may not always see the results, but the results are always for His good.

Last night I wrote a post. It wasn’t at all what I wanted to write or had planned on writing. I felt God telling me that it was the right thing to do, even if it made me sick to my stomach nervous as I was writing it. Pressing the publish button was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. It was right up there with walking up stairs you can see through.

And an amazing thing happened. People read my words. Lots of people. Today I had more individual people read my blog that I had views on my best day before today. I have almost doubled the amount of views I had on my best day. And yes for big blogs my statistics aren’t impressive, but for my little blog they are unbelievable.

God spoke to me, and I listened. And all those people who read my words that normally don’t, who looked at my older posts, maybe God spoke to you, too, through me. And that is amazing.

And as amazing as all the readers are, something else equally as amazing happened to me. I shared what I had written on one of Glenn Beck’s Facebook posts. Like writing the post, I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to share with him what I had written. I just knew that I was supposed to. And not only did Glenn read it, he responded to me.  He said, “Rachel, your faith brings a tear to my eye. You are brave. Not unafraid. It is important for people to know that when you do things like that your human side kicks in and you are really afraid. But the better half is stronger. Your spiritual side is at such peace.”

How amazing to me that my faith would touch others. And maybe that’s the purpose of this blog. I write what’s in my heart. Sometimes I don’t understand it and those posts seem to reach the most people and mean the most.

God is talking to us all. We just have to choose to listen to Him. And it seems to me that the times where it makes the least sense, it has the most benefits.  It doesn’t have to make sense to us. It’s all part of the big plan.

And maybe Glenn said it best. Being brave isn’t the same as being unafraid. Being brave is when we do the things that make us afraid.

Be brave. Listen to God’s voice.