Jesus was a baby

With Christmas just days away, Jesus as a baby is especially on my heart. Just think about that. Jesus (GOD!) came to us, to be one of us, to feel and experience what we do as we do, and he came as a baby.

I believe that Jesus could have come as an adult if he had chosen, but he chose to come as a baby. He came as the most helpless and innocent of us. It is amazing.

And this brought me to another thought. One that may make people angry. It brought me around to abortion.

What if the Christmas story didn’t take place 2000 years ago? What if it took place today? What if Mary was a young woman today?

Lets tell that story:

Its just before graduation and Mary’s got a problem. She just found out she’s pregnant. She and her boyfriend have talked about getting married, but they’ve never had sex. (Who’s going to believe that?) She’s pretty sure that an angel of the Lord appeared to her and told her that the baby is from God and coming to save us all, but her parents certainly aren’t going to believe that story.

Not knowing what else to do Mary tells her best girl friend what’s happened. Her friend knows just what to do. She tells Mary not to tell anyone. She knows a place. They’ll take care of this problem. Joseph will never know. The world will never know. It’s no big deal. These things happen. In and out. Easy-peasy. Problem solved.

Think about it.

The argument for abortion is its a woman’s choice or it’s not a baby, a person, until the woman chooses it to be or until it’s born.

Was the child Mary was carrying not a baby, not Jesus, not THE SAVIOR until Mary chose for him to be? Was he not The Christ even before she knew she was pregnant? What if Mary CHOSE that it was too much work to be the mother of Our Savior? Or that it was too much to try and explain this child to her friends and family? Or maybe she just wasn’t ready.

Now I know that every child conceived is not The Lord. However, if you believe that Mary’s child was The Lord before he was born, how can you say that every other child conceived isn’t a child at the moment of conception?

Now I’ve never been in a position where a pregnancy, even unplanned, has been anything but a welcome addition, a moment of joy (even when that moment was followed by pure panic). I don’t know what it feels like to not be overjoyed by the life growing inside me. But I know myself enough to know that there is no decision, no matter the situation.

If you’re reading this and made a decision different than I would have made or that I believe is right, I want you to know that I love you. Even if I don’t know you I love you. I believe you made the wrong choice. I hate the choice you made, but that does not change my feelings about you.

God knew me before I was born. He knew me before I was conceived. Jesus was a person before Mary knew she was pregnant and so was every other baby. It’s one way or the other.

As you get together with your families and celebrate Jesus’s birthday, as you hear the Christmas story, as you look at your nativity sets and exchange gifts, remember that Jesus came as a baby. And he was alive before he took his first breath.

Jesus was a baby.